If you want to complete the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online, you’ll need to know where to locate a hacking device. This step is essential in setting up the system and two locations offer it: Los Santos’ FIB building where a briefcase containing it should be found; NOOSE headquarters where an access card can be used on their keypad to enter server farm. Learn more.

Once you have the device, it must be located to complete your heist prep mission. To do this, use Sightseer on your phone; this will display where the device is based on signal strength of your phone; closer you get to it, the stronger the signal becomes.

You could also try using a Sniper rifle or Silent sniper to take out any guards you come across on your journey. These weapons are effective if used covertly and they will allow you to avoid cameras that monitor entrances into restricted areas.

Your Support Crew

The gunman, driver and hacker you select will all play an integral part of the heist itself. A better gunman will provide better weapons while a more experienced driver will aid in making a getaway and provide you with a getaway car. A hacker grants more time in the vault but takes a larger cut of what is taken.

Choose Your Hacker

For this heist, Paige Harris is the highest-rated hacker available. She takes 9% of your cut but will grant more time in the vault than Avi Schwartzman who requires 50 signal jammers to open and destroy.

Your Support Crew

The guns, drivers and hackers you select for the Diamond Casino Heist will all play an integral part of the robbery itself. A better gunman will provide more accurate aiming while a better driver provides faster getaway time and fuel for your cars.

Your Hacker

Your choice of hacker will be an integral component of the heist, helping you break into the vault. You have several expert options such as Paige Harris or you can unlock GTA Online’s top hacker by completing a side quest and disabling all 50 signal jammers around Los Santos.

Your Hacking Device

In order to successfully complete the Diamond Casino Heist, it is highly recommended that you practice with the hacking device located in the Arcade. To make things easier, download an app on your phone which will simulate fingerprint scanner hacking minigames for you. This way, you won’t miss a beat during the actual heist itself!

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